Is Matched Betting Legal – Read BEFORE you start!

Last Updated on July 5, 2022 by Ben

It seems too good to be true, so is Matched Betting legal?

You are not alone in thinking this.

When you first stumble across Matched Betting it seems so good it makes you feel a bit suspicious.

You may have already started and are wondering if you’re heading for a legal battle with the Bookies.

Before you call your solicitor, let’s look into this a little deeper.

Matched Betting is 100% legal.

(Says a site all about Matched Betting. Of course, we were going to say it is legal! But we can back this claim up).

You are doing nothing illegal by simply using bookmaker’s promotions that are available to all of their customers.

The Bookmakers would like you to think that there is an issue with Matched Betting.

This is because they don’t like it as it costs them money!

Despite this, there is nothing wrong with you going to another website and covering all the possible outcomes of a bet.

Matched Betting In The Media

To put your mind further at ease, Matched Betting has been covered several times in national newspapers.

If Matched Betting was illegal, then these media channels would not be able to actively promote it.

You can read the full articles that belong to the above headlines here:

The Guardian

The Telegraph

The Sun

The Daily Mail

Matched Betting Is No Secret

It is easy to think you may have found a hidden treasure when discovering Matched Betting for the first time.

The truth is, Matched Betting has been around for many years now.

Thousands of people across the UK have made and continue to make regular monthly profits.

The largest Matched Betting site Profit Accumulator has had over 150,000+ paying customers since 2014 (Reference: Profit Accumulator homepage).

Is Matched Betting Legal Profit Accumulator Trustpilot reviews.

Profit Accumulator also has nearly 2000 verified reviews on Trustpilot where they are rated ‘Excellent’ with 4.9/5.0 stars.

This again helps answer the question ‘is Matched Betting legal?’.

You can see that the largest Matched Betting service is a verified and trusted public company.

Why Do Bookmakers Allow Matched Betting?

Bookies know Matched Betting is perfectly legal, they just don’t like that you can do it!

If the Bookies suspect you are Matched Betting they may restrict your account, something we call ‘being gubbed‘.

Being gubbed is when a bookmaker restricts you from their offers and promotions.

You can still bet with them, just not benefit from their offers.

This will affect your ability to do Matched Betting with that bookmaker account.

With that in mind, there are several things you can do to help you avoid being gubbed.

Final Thoughts

You will now understand that Matched Betting is not illegal.

If you still have doubts, I suggest you open a free trial account with Profit Accumulator.

You do not need to enter any payment details and can first learn all the basics in your own time for free.

Grasping the basics will help you see that there is nothing illegal with simply using the bookmaker’s free bets to profit.

Author: Peter Dixon